Slay your dragons before breakfast
...Mary, I know you are special, this is why I like you
here's to the first 'i like you'

I am going to miss you, but I'll see you soon
here's to the first 'i am going to miss you' whispered into my ear

you don't have to be scared to get drunk you know, I will look after you
here's to the first 'i will look after you' when I shared my insecurities with him at the bar

at some point during the night after I made a risky joke he grabbed my face with his hands and pulled me in so close
and then he said something i totally did not hear because his face was literally an inch away from mine and at that moment I forgot how to breathe, hear and speak
and when he let go i stood so still, because i needed him to turn away so i could gasp for air

we were playing this silly little game at some fancy bar right next to London Bridge station
guessing who would be who if we were some kind of kingdom of our own
and then F was of course the King (oh how much he enjoyed this game)
and M was his jealous brother (think Scar from Lion King) - this made me giggle so much (M did not hear this comparison thank god)
and Ryan was a herald
Danielle was a knight (here's to not conforming to gender stereotypes and girls being knights no questions asked)
Martin was of course the old and wise court magician

I was keeping very quite during this whole make believe game
and then Lanior overheard us and asked if the queen's place has been taken
I held my breath
well of course, - Ryan and Danielle said - it's safe to assume that if F is a king he would make his favourite court lady a queen straight away
everyone laughed and looked at me
F hugged me and pulled me close to him
and I breathed out

even our friends make me your girl in all their make believe games
here's to the whole world being on our side